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Yuval Danieli and Yossi Vessid



Thursday, November 17th, 2016

8 PM

Dov Hoz 25, Tel-Aviv







Ha'kibbutz - Israeli Art Gallery


Yael Kainy, Artistic Director & Curator

Netanella Auslender, Operational Manager

25 Dov Hoz st. Tel Aviv 63416, Israel

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 "The Kibbutz" Gallery - A brief history 

'The Kibbutz, Art Gallery' was founded by the Kibbutz Movement Federation (a roof organisation of the kibbutz movements which was set up before they amalgamated to form one movement) shortly after the Six Day War. At that time the kibbutz movement had reached its pinnacle of its strength and influence. It wanted to expose its artists to the Tel Aviv public and to bring the "kibbutz message" to the city.

In April 1968 the opening of the first exhibition took place at– 170 Ben Yehuda Street, the gallery's first home. The artistic management was comprised of the directors of the various kibbutz movements' art divisions – the Kibbutz Ha'Artzi, the Kibbutz Hameuchad and the Union of Kvutzot and Kibbutzim.

Three years later differences of opinion between the movements led to the closing of the gallery.

It reopened in April 1973 in a basement acquired at 25 Dov Hoz Street and it is here that the gallery is situated today. Thirteen artists participated in the opening exhibition held at the gallery's new location.

In 1977, dissatisfaction with the way the gallery was being managed and a lack of authority regarding its professional direction caused it to take an unprecedented step. It was decided to appoint a professional director who was not a kibbutz member.

The mid 1970s were years when Israeli art discovered conceptual art and political expression. Kibbutz artists too were no exception to this development. The most significant phenomenon was the consolidation of a group of artists imbued with a social political consciousness who started functioning together under the name "In Common –Kibbutz". Obviously the essential prerequisite for belonging to the group was kibbutz membership. The base of operations of "In Common –Kibbutz" was at "The Kibbutz" gallery where they exhibited a series of penetrating exhibitions dealing with the fossilisation of socialist ideology and the corruption of the values of equality and social justice within the kibbutz movement.

A whole decade prior to the emergence of the first signs of an ideological crisis in the kibbutz movement, an astute and keen-eyed observer could read 'the writing on the wall' , merely by observing the exhibitions displayed and what was happening in "The Kibbutz" gallery. These years formed the gallery's character as a unique gallery in the urban galleries landscape. In essence a non commercial, involved, responsive, opinion-making, experimental and dialogue conducting art address.

Between 1980 and 1983 the gallery's curators and various managers changed a number of times. The disbanding of the "In Common –Kibbutz" group, the serious crisis which plagued the kibbutz movement and the decline of its standing in Israeli society, also undermined the gallery's standing in the Israeli art field and at the beginning of the 1990s it was about to close.

The revitalisation of the gallery which included revitalising its involved and responsive curatorial line, stemmed to a large extent from the principle decision to incorporate in its activities artists who are not kibbutz members, placed the gallery once again in the local art scene.
From 1995 onwards the gallery crystallized a policy which made it possible to expose young artists and experiments, to advance peripheral artists possessing exceptional qualities, raised topics of principle concern for debate and declared in no uncertain terms its continued involvement in Israeli art and culture.

In November 2004 Yaniv Shapiro was appointed director of the gallery. The gallery's name was changed to "The Kibbutz, Gallery of Israeli Art" and more pointedly focused its identity and its obligation to art as an inseparable part of the discourse on Israeli culture and art. Alongside its ongoing artistic activity the gallery is currently involved in a combined initiative with some 15 galleries operating in various kibbutzim in the kibbutz movement.

In October 2009 Yael Kainy was appointed art director of the gallery. gallery manager: Eshkar Oren Wetzstein.


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